Search Engine Marketing

GoogleA strong traffic-acquisition strategy is the natural complement to a strong website. Fifty-eight percent of people start their path towards a purchase with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo[1]. Understanding the what and why of that search process is critical to attracting the right kinds of traffic to your websites and leads for your products and services.

Our search engine marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising, put you on the path to successful traffic acquisition.

  • On-site SEO: To rank well for important keywords, your website content should be written and organized in ways that reflect how users search for your products and services. Get more by ranking better, or by adding content to rank for more keywords.
  • Off-site SEO: Arguably the most important part of SEO is the quality and quantity of incoming links to your website. Smart link-building produces high-quality links to your website that reflect your business relationships, or take advantage of great content on your site.
  • Paid search advertising: To get immediate, high-quality traffic from mobile, tablet and desktop users, paid search advertising requires a solid understanding of search behavior and your products and services. The right keywords, ads and measurements will make your investment pay off with traffic that converts to leads and customers.



[1] “The Virtuous Circle: Understanding Search and Social Media’s Role in the Purchase Pathway