Multilingual Site Development

Multilingual Website Development by Archipelago Web

Increase your customer retention, revenue and your position in a global marketplace by creating a website featuring a number of languages.  Our flexible content management systems accomodate a variety of languages, including Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.  More importantly, our translation partners are well-versed in providing accurate translations localized to your customers' specific regions, with expertise in legal, technical and pharmaceutical industries.


  • US: US English, US Spanish
  • LA: Spanish per country, Brazilian Portuguese
  • EU: Bulgarian, French, Maltese, Croatian, German, Polish, Czech, Greek, EU Portuguese, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Dutch, Irish, Slovak, Italian, Slovenian, Estonian, Latvian, EU Spanish, Finnish, Lithuania, Swedish, UK English, Russian, Ukranian
  • Asia: Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, Turkish
  • Middle East: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Increase efficiency and organization by managing content on a single hosting platform.
  • Multiple content authors from around the world can enter content via the web 24/7.
  • All content submissions notify the site administrator(s) for approval prior to publication.

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